Bedroom Cabinetry

Bedroom Cabinetry

Under, over, left, and right.
Surround yourself with storage when space is at a premium.

When inches matter, custom bedroom cabinetry is the answer. Stylish, customized solutions add style and practical storage to leave you with a calm, restful place to sleep. Forget about multiple dressers and under-sized bedside tables, they just add to the clutter. Instead, surround yourself with built-ins that suit your style.

Customized cabinetry adds style and continuity while keeping your bedroom clutter-free.

A heat deflector allows you to put a piece of custom cabinetry on top of a heating vent.

Extra wide night table cabinetry provides generous space compared to standard night tables that are puny and weak.

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bed surround storage bed

Bed surround storage can incorporate wonderful glass doors and interior shelves for the display of personal photos and objects. These can have interior lighting to add ambiance to the overall space and highlight these personal effects.

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