Closet Accessories

Closet Accessories

Small details. Big impact.

Customize your closet with a wide range of products to stay organized. From valet rods, shoe racks, and jewellery drawer inserts, these thoughtful details in a well-planned closet can make a difference. Every day.

Valet rod hanging a suit jacket in a closet

Retractable Valet Rod. This is a popular choice for any closet. Pull it out to hang up clothes you want to wear or try on. Push it back in when you're not using it.

Valet rod hanging a summer dress in a closet

Set your clothes out the night before and save time in the morning when getting dressed.

Designer, Jane Lockhart explains how a valet rod can save you some time in the morning.

Drawer dividers in a woman's closet.

Drawer Dividers. Keep small items like socks, underwear, ties, and scarves organized.

Acrylic drawer dividers in a men's closet.

Clear acrylic drawer dividers disappear and keep everything neatly sorted so you can find them quickly.

white laundry hamper

Laundry Hamper. This is an excellent addition to any closet or laundry room. The metal frame and cloth bag are designed to be easily removed and cleaned when required.

White shoe rack

Shoe Shelf. Move your shoes from piles on the floor and onto angled shelves for easy selection. A shoe fence keeps everything from sliding off.

single jewellery drawer with black felt lining

Jewellery Drawer. Black felt lining, in molded compartments protects your jewellery and prevents it from sliding around.

nested jewellery drawers, open, in a closet

Nested drawers allow you to store everything conveniently.

pant rack for a closet

Pant Rack. Pants often slide of hangers. A pull out rack is a much easier way to organize your pants and prevent creasing.

pull out tie rack for closet

Tie Rack. This pull out rack holds up to 18 ties in a very small footprint.

belt rack for a closet

Belt Rack. A low profile sliding rack that takes up little space.

pull out scarf rack for closet

Scarf Rack. A pull out scarf rack is a great space-saving organization accessory for your closet.

4 position hanger

Four Position Hanger. A nifty little hanging bar that’s stronger than it looks! This clever hanger ratchets up four positions to provide more separation between hanging items or to save space when ratcheted down. An excellent piece on the side of a cabinet.

Necklace hook

Necklace Hook. A simple way to keep your necklaces organized.

under-mount led lighting

Under-mount Lighting. Fitted valance lighting with recessed LED puck lights.

A heat deflector built into a custom side table

Heat Deflector. Heat deflectors or integrated furniture vents are added to the bottom of any built in or furniture piece to ensure proper ventilation. Your designer and installer will make sure this is managed and installed properly so your don’t have to worry about this!

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