Craft Room

Craft Room

Dedicate a space
to express your creativity.

Custom-made, craft room storage plays well with your projects. By surrounding yourself with functional, yet beautiful organizing solutions for your supplies, your imagination is free to soar.

Beautiful sewing room in the basement of a home.

This spare room in the basement was converted into a multi-purpose craft room for sewing, scrapbooking, and creating photo albums. The homeowner wanted a space that is bright, fun, and makes a statement. Everything was customized and designed with her hobbies in mind.

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A Cambria countertop (84 x 36") in Bala Blue™ provides an attractive, flat workspace for looking at sewing patterns, cutting fabric, and sewing. The countertop height was customized for the homeowner to be used as a standing workspace.

Deep cabinetry (19 ⅞") contains adjustable shelving for large items. Pullout shelves with thread trays provide organized storage and easy access. A magnetic, glass whiteboard provides a place to write down ideas, lists, or post photos.

Shaker cabinets throughout the room are finished in an antique whitewash colour providing a clean, contemporary look. A paisley counter adds a touch of whimsy and additional work space.

Adjustable glass shelving allows light from overhead LED lights to pass through.

Wire mesh cabinet doors allow fabric to breath and easy to find. Lime green baskets compliment the blue countertop while providing storage. A retractable valet rod provides a place to display sewing projects and make alterations.

Pullout shelving provides quick and easy access to thread.

A second sewing machine sits below the counter. A U-shape apron is hidden underneath the countertop to keep power cords organized and out of the way.

Legal-size file drawers provide storage for scrapbooking materials and sewing patterns. A floating shelf below the windows contains LED lights above the tackboard wall panels.

Open shelving makes it easy to see which thread colours are getting low.

Tackboard wall panels provide an additional work surface for arranging photos, patterns, and notes.

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