Home Office

Home Office

Create a dedicated workspace that
inspires productivity.

It may be work, but it doesn’t have to feel like it. Customized cabinetry in your work environment should have everything where you need it. It should almost feel intuitive, designed for the way you think.


Practical and decorative, bookshelves offer open display space for more than just books. Custom-designed to your style, open shelf cabinetry takes advantage of vertical space from any wall.

Upper cabinets

Not only do upper cabinets provide more storage and display space, they also provide the perfect place for undermount lighting for your work surface. Whether you’re adding glass or wire inserts, open shelves or solid wood doors, built-in uppers are a practical and beautiful storage solution.

Lower cabinets

As long as there is paper, there is a need to store it…somewhere. Custom-sized drawers provide excellent file space for all your paper work and office supplies. With both drawers with doors you have ample storage to keep work stuff tidy and out of the way when you don’t need it.

Counter space

Your work surface has to be the right combination of material, height and size to handle everything you can throw on it. With customization, you get to choose exactly what you want to work on.

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book case in home office
counter and cabinet storage in home office
open drawers with files
woman in front of desk and upper cabinet storage

Workstation Desk. Chair. Go.

We thought about how people work at a desk and what they really need. It’s simple when you break it down. But sometimes you want your workstation to work better, just for you. Maybe it needs to be a little wider, and not as deep as a standard desk. How about a slide-away keyboard tray and file drawers with a soft close feature? We get it, we want to make it easier for you to get work done.

Home office and wall bed in a spare room.

Multipurpose Room Transform a home office into a
guest room in under 60 seconds
with a wall bed.

Home office with a hidden wall bed when not in use.

A guest room with a small desk. Built-in drawers and floor to ceiling cabinetry provide ample storage space.

Home office and wall bed in a spare room.

A hidden wall bed can be used for overnight guests without disrupting a home office during the day.

basement wall bed spare bedroom

A wall bed can be transform a basement home office into a guest room when needed.

According to ratehub.ca in 2019, 100 square feet of storage space in Toronto was worth $1,200 a year. A guest room that sits empty for most of the year is a poor use of space and money.

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